1. SUBJECT OF THE RENTAL CONTRACT The parties agree that the rental which is the subject of this contract is a seasonal rental which may not last longer than 90 days. The Landlord declares that he is the owner of the accommodation and has free disposal and full enjoyment thereof during the rental period defined in this contract. The Landlord will be able to prove ownership of his property by providing the supporting documents requested by the Tenant. 2. DESCRIPTION OF THE ACCOMMODATION The accommodation that is the subject of this contract is a house located in Audresselles 62164, rue Accary 16, comprising a lounge, dining room, kitchen and three bedrooms, all with a shower or bath, covering a habitable surface area of 100m2 Description: 3. NUMBER OF OCCUPANTS The property is rented for 6 to 7 people. The Tenant expressly undertakes not to exceed this number without the authorisation of the owner. 4. HANDING OVER THE KEYS The keys are handed to the Tenant upon arrival: on Saturday as of 2.30 pm. Handing over the keys upon departure: the Tenant undertakes to vacate the accommodation entirely on Saturday morning by 10.00 am at the latest. 5. CHARGES The rent below includes the tourist tax for the entire period. It does not include: - the electricity charges. The electricity meter will be read upon arrival and departure and calculated per KWh unit at € 0.17 during peak times and at € 0.07 during off-peak times. These charges include the heating on the ground floor, the electric radiators upstairs, the electric household appliances, the hot water cylinder and lighting. - any linen rented. 6. BOOKING In order to book the accommodation, the Tenant returns the contract to the Landlord, signed and accompanied by payment of a deposit amounting to 50% of the rental price, by means of a transfer to the IBAN account and BIC code, which must be made within five days. This transfer will confirm the booking. After five days, the house will be made available for rent again. 7. SETTLING THE BALANCE OF THE RENT The balance of the amount of the rent will be provided in cash upon arrival (no cheques). 8. GUARANTEE Upon entering the premises, the Tenant will hand the Landlord the sum of five hundred euros (€ 500) as a guarantee intended to cover any damage caused by tenants. Tenant damage includes any damage to or deterioration of the accommodation as well as damage, loss or theft of personal property in the accommodation during the rental period. Should any tenant damage be caused, the guarantee will be returned within a maximum of two months, after deduction of the expenditure incurred for repairs of the loss suffered, backed up by supporting documents. In the absence of any tenant damage, the guarantee will be returned to the Tenant upon departure. 9. INVENTORY OF FIXTURES AND FITTING An inventory of fixtures and fittings will be provided for the Tenant, who will have 48 hours to make any objections by text message, email or post. In the absence of any objection from the Tenant within 48 hours, the inventory of fixtures and fittings will be deemed to have been accepted by the Tenant. 10. OBLIGATIONS OF THE TENANT The Tenant will use the rented accommodation quietly. He will maintain the rented accommodation and return it in a clean condition. He will respect the neighbourhood. He undertakes to make normal and reasonable use of the facilities (heating, water, etc.), and of the equipment (household electric appliances, multimedia, kitchen, etc.) provided. The dishwasher will be treated with care. The crockery and cutlery will be rinsed beforehand. The Tenant is forbidden to make a copy of the keys handed over by the Landlord. He undertakes to inform the Landlord as quickly as possible of any breakdown, damage, incidents or malfunctions. The Tenant is responsible for the use made of the internet access provided during the rental period. 11. PETS Pets are permitted in the premises. However, animals are strictly forbidden upstairs. Droppings in the garden must be cleared away. 12. OBLIGATIONS OF THE LANDLORD The Landlord undertakes to keep the rented property that is the subject of this contract in a satisfactory state of maintenance, cleanliness and security. He undertakes to inform the Tenant as quickly as possible of any modification beyond his control that is likely to alter the comfort or disrupt enjoyment of the rented property (nuisance, malfunctioning equipment, etc.). Should an appliance or material that has a major influence on the comfort of the Tenant break down, the Landlord undertakes to take the measures necessary to have this repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. He shall ensure that the Tenant benefits from full and entire enjoyment of the rented property during the period concerned. He will ensure that the keys are handed over. He will refrain from disrupting the comfort or peace of the Tenant during the period of the stay. 13. CANCELLATION If the Tenant gives up the rental unilaterally three months before the rental date, he will lose the deposit paid unless it has proved possible to rent the property again. If the Tenant gives up the rental less than three months before the rental date, the rent will due in full. For rentals booked more than six months before the date, the Tenant will take out cancellation insurance with his insurer. 14. INSURANCE The Tenant indicates that he benefits from insurance that covers rental risks. The Landlord may request a copy of the insurance policy from the Tenant when the reservation is made or upon arrival at the property. 15. TERMINATION Should the Tenant fail to meet one of his contractual obligations, the rental contract will be terminated automatically. This termination will take effect after a period of 48 hours following a simple summation sent by recorded delivery or a letter handed over in person which remains without effect. 16. DOMICILE For the purpose of this contract, the Landlord and the Tenant elect domicile in their respective places of residence. In the event of a dispute, the court of the place in which the property that is the subject of this contract is located will have sole jurisdiction.